Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Pandan Island

Pandan Island- According to Jens Peters (former author of Lonely Planet Philippines) Pandan is in his top 10 of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines. This statement was the reason why we travelled 13 hours from Manila to reach Pandan. The trip was long but very interesting. After about 4 hours into the travel somewhere between Abra de Ilog and Sablayan, we saw some tribesmen wearing g-strings and carrying arrows! That was really cool! After finally arriving in Sablayan, I was a bit disheartened when I saw that the river we have to pass to get to Pandan Island was a little bit polluted. After that in my mind it was not possible that Pandan could be the paradise that I imagined it to be. When we finally arrived, I was pleasantly surprised that it was really paradise. It has a nice white sand beach in the south and a forest inland (we got lost in it with a German couple for 2 hours). The cottages were well designed with balconies and sliding bamboo doors (from P 600 for dorm rooms to P2700 for family cottages that can accomodate 6 people). The dinner buffet was cheap and excellent (about P360). The resort is powered using solar power so the lighting is a bit minimal but that gives the island a very nice, laid back atmosphere. Pandan is a good base if you want to go to Apo Reef for diving.

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