Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Books I recommend

Philippines Travel Guide
- This guide is from 2004 but I still find it useful. It is quite evident that Jens Peters explored the Philippines a great deal. He went to a lot of places I have never even heard of. This guide (and the Lonely Planet Guide he authored in 1997) helped us discover a few beautiful places which was not yet on the tourist radar 10 years ago. I highly recommend this guide.
Culture Shock- I learned a lot about myself after reading this book. A must-read for foreigners living in the Philippines and for Filipinos living abroad.
Lonely Planet Philippines- I didn't like the last 2 editions of Lonely Planet Philippines. I found it negative and incomplete. I still have to buy this one but if it's like the last 2 then I wouldn't buy it. Lonely planet should find an author who has an in-depth insider knowledge and a bit more love for the Philippines.

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