Thursday, January 31, 2008

Coco Explorer Cruises

I found this website while searching for places to visit for our holiday in the Philippines this coming March. I think this is a very good idea because in 1 week one can visit a lot of beautiful islands in the Philippines. Actually, I've heard about this cruise when I was Boracay and Pandan Island a few years ago. Tourists in Boracay use it to go to Coron. For 100 USD you can get a ride to Coron from Boracay (instead of flying back to Manila then from there taking another plane to Busuanga). Anyway, it is a 7-day cruise that starts from Cocobeach in Puerto Galera, then on the second day the cruise arrives in Boracay then proceeds to the Busuanga Archipelago (Coron Island, Sangat Island , Culion Island) then back to Puerto Galera. For about 700 USD (food and accommodation) per person you can see a lot of places without so much hassle. I don't know if there are hidden costs but if it is like they say it is then I think it could be a good idea. If you have taken this cruise please leave a comment on what you think about it.
Coco Explorer
Ground Floor Baywatch Tower - 2057 M.H. Del Pilar St., Malate Manila, Philippines.
Fax (63) 2 - 526 6903 Phone (63) 2 - 523 0319 or 5215260


Anonymous said...

The owner of Coco Beach Island Resort and Coco Explorer Cruises is the same. Coco Beach Resort is one of my favorite resorts in the Philippines. The management is very reliable and set a world-class standard. Check their website at Please don't miss to include this in your itinerary around the archipelago, and surely this place will delight your senses. I've been to this place several times and it's worthy of praise. I haven't tried the Coco Explorer Cruises so far but I believe it's worth your time and money. I wish the best of adventure in the Philippines in March. Please update us in your blog. All the best! JoeAla

Cathy said...

Hi JoeAla,

Actually, I have not been to Coco Beach but I have heard of it. It's a favorite place amongst expats in IRRI where I used to work. Actually, I get their newsletter in my email regularly! =)I've been to Puerto Galera 2X previously but at the moment we have no plans to revisit because there are still a lot of other places I have not seen yet. But next year we are planning on taking the Coco explorer cruise! =) Thanks for your comment and for reading my blog. Please read some more =)

Anonymous said...

You have missed the boat, I am afraid. The Coco Explorer No 1 was sent off to the scrapyard a couple of years ago. This was a big pity because it was an amazing trip. I did it just before they pulled the ship, and was planning to go again.

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