Thursday, January 17, 2008

Pagsanjan Falls (Magdapio Falls)

Actually, for me the way to the falls is as wonderful as the falls itself. The rough ride through the gorge is very beautiful. Two boatmen will take you to the falls in their banca navigating around the rocks against the current. At some point they even carry the boat to get through some of the rocks. This is where Francis Ford Coppola shot some scenes for " Apocalypse Now". After a 1-hour plus boat ride, and a barbecue break you will see the majestic Magdapio Falls.

Be sure to negotiate the price with the boatmen first before jumping in the boat. There are standard rates that the town enforces to prevent what happened 10 years ago when the boatmen would leave the tourist in the middle of the river when they refused to give a huge tip. I think it is better to reserve the tour from a hotel in Pagsanjan or from a travel agency. It is also normal to pay for your boatmen's meal when they stop for a barbecue midway and to give a reasonable tip at the end of the trip.


Anonymous said...

The illegal flaggers and the boatmen's request for large tips are a nuisance!

Though the Pagsanjan Falls experience is great, they will be driving away tourists with their behavior.

Cathy said...

Hi Marvin,

Never hire a boat from the illegal flaggers. I had been there 3 times with Europeans and have never been aggressed. We usually go hire a boat from a hotel. Doing it this way makes going to the falls quite hassle free.


Pinoy Toolbar said...

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Anonymous said...

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