Sunday, February 17, 2008

Dental Tourism in the Philippines, Why Not?

My dentist-cousin has been taking care of my teeth since I was young, and for me he is the best dentist on earth (kuya ;))! I am proud to say that I have a perfect set of teeth which is proudly Philippine-serviced. I am based in Switzerland now but I still do all my dental work back home. Anyway, I cannot afford to pay the dentist in Switzerland. Imagine a permanent filling in this land of overpriced services can cost 300-500 sfr per tooth without the nice bedside manners. In the Philippines, a permanent filling only cost 300 php (8.3 sfr)! So, everytime I go home I pass by the dentist to have my teeth cleaned and to do whatever else that needs doing. One of the questions on your mind I guess is hygiene. Western people tend to think that we are so backward that we have not heard of the concept of hygiene. No worries, our dentists have heard of the word and are actually practicing it (I had a few microbiology courses so I know what it takes). Since my dentist-cousin is very active in the Philippine Dental Association (officer in our region), I will try to extract from him a list of accredited clinics for dental tourism and then I will post it here, okay?
The picture above was photoshopped by a German-friend back in 2004.


Ms. Confuse said...

I will visit denstist to when i get home to philippines. it is lot more cheaper there than here at california.

Dental Tourism said...

hi, great post..ur really consistent with medical tourism.

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