Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Sagada is a tranquill and mystic place. Unfortunately, we didn't spend a long time in Sagada so we only had time to hike through the Echo Valley where we saw the hanging coffins on the limestone cliff, the Lumiang Burial Cave (picture), and the Sumaging Cave. The Sumaging Cave is so wonderful! The entrance of the cave is a bit steep and full of bat shit but as we went deeper inside the more beautiful it became. I love the way the fresh flowing water sculptured the cave making dramatic limestone formations. By the way, it is necessary to get a guide if you want to go hiking or caving. You can get one in-front of the municipal hall.

We stayed at the Green House, a very basic but cosy place. There is only one bathroom without hot water but for a few pesos they would heat some for you. The best place for dinner is Log Cabin. When we were there we had to place our orders a few hours in advance because it can get quite full. For breakfast you shouldn't miss the Yogurt house where you will find the yummiest yogurts.

Sagada could get cold at night so make sure you bring warm clothes.

From Sagada we went to Baguio taking a bus that passes through the Bagiuo-Bontoc road or the Halsema Mountain Highway (yeah right, dirt road is a more correct term). If you have 10 hours to waste, take this road because the view is so breathtaking. Taking this road is an adventure unto itself. On the way to Bagiuo we passed by several landslides and sometimes I was sure that the tires of our bus went a few inches from the cliff (picture). I am not sure if it is adviseable to drive on your own here because the road is really treachearous.

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Anonymous said...

Bat shit.


I remember my first trip to the Sumaguing Cave. I was down on my butt sliding down those rocks when I felt something slippery on this rock I was holding on. I thought it was just mud and I even accidentally wiped my face with it.

The guide laughed when he saw me. Telling me it was bat shit.

I washed and washed thoroughly when we reached the pools down the cave.