Sunday, May 18, 2008

Wish List : 1. Cagbalete Island

Nice huh?

While blog hopping the other day I came across a series of posts from Zherwin's blog My thoughts about this relatively unknown island called Cagbalete. The pictures he posted and his description (of the beach and the crispy pata) of this island paradise made me itch to go home to the Philippines again. What is even more great about this island is that it is very near my home town of Laguna. No plane ride necessary to reach this place. A few years ago, we tried to explore this area of Luzon and we reached Abalat island. The lack of information about a lot of places makes it really difficult to go. It is great really that through blogs we discover that there are still lots of beautiful and relatively unknown places in the Philippines just a few steps away. You can find a more detailed description of this island in My thoughts and in

Next year, I am quite sure of our route. Cagbalete, Donsol and Caramoan!
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zherwin said...

WOW, thanks for this cathy, i am honored that my post and my picture (and that crispy pata!!) made their way here.

you'll enjoy your stay there, that's a guarantee. and for next year, caramoan's also a target of mine (as well as a couple more of not known islands).

thanks. :)

Anonymous said...

You have the knack in finding unknown but beautiful places to visit that are more inviting than the top resorts.

Cathy said...

Hi University of the Philippines,

Actually, I studied at UP until 25 (until M.S.)=) Thanks for the comment but I didn't find Cagbalete island, Zherwin of My Thoughts did. But I am determined to find more other interesting places other than the more known ones. We have 7100 islands you know, there must be more unknown beautiful islands out there! You have to check out my Maniuayan island post.


Philippine Travel Guide said...

I'm from quezon and yes cagbalete island is very beautiful and not yet commercialized we always held fish trolling tournament there every summer.

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