Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Help me!

Since the only thing constant in this world is change, I need to change my plans for our annual trip to the Philippines next year. In 6 months we will be in the Philippines again (I know we just arrived a few weeks ago and I have not finished posting everything about that trip) but my only sister is getting married in early January so we have to go home. The problem is my husband will start a new job and cannot go on a long vacation. So, I have to cancel my long awaited trip to Caramoan and El Nido. This time we have no time for adventures. Now, we have only 10 days to spend in the Philippines instead of the normal 25 and I have no idea where to go. I need your help in finding that perfect beach/beach resort that would fuel my mind, body and soul to go to work for another year.

My perfect beach resort should have these components:
1. Fine white sand (like Boracay) =)
2. Have clean accommodations
3. Have good food
4. Good snorkeling
5. Can be accessed by direct flight from Manila. I don't want to travel for more than 2 hours inland after plane lands
6. Reasonable price (definition: not more than 5000 pesos per room per night)
7. Somewhere I have not been before (so Bohol, Boracay, Malapascua, Bantayan and Coron etc. are out)

If you have any suggestions or ideas (no matter how strange), please leave a comment.

Thanks a lot!


Anonymous said...

Hi Cathy,

Just came across your Cat's Walks blog and about you seeking for a good place to spend for your next trip home.

Panglao Beach on Bohol Island is good and very accessible from the airport (20 to 30 minutes by jeepney i think). Sand is as good as in Boracay and the accommodations are good and with reasonable prices, snorkiling is just 25 breaths away :>, dolphin watching, chocolate hills, and river cruisingng an hour from the beach. Check out PAL flights but I think cebu pacific flies to Bohol also for P0.00 plus taxes.

Hope this helps...

All the best,
Alex (

Cathy said...

Hi Alex,
Thanks a lot for the suggestion. I have already visited Alona Beach in Panglao actually. I have thought about going back there next year actually. I am not ready to give up on finding a new destination...
Best regards,

arpee lazaro said...

may i suggest that you visit friday's in boracay? it is everything the ads say it is, and more. i highly recommend it.

zherwin said...

hmm, what about pagudpud up north? manila-laoag plane ride is just a breeze, and from laoag to pagudpud is just a little over an hour scenic mini-bus ride. accommodation is affordable and comfortable and the best part? fresh seafoods!!!! and there are a lot more to see and explore in the north.

Cathy said...

Arpee- We just came from Boracay last April. I don't want to go back next year. Also, I am very kuripot to go to Fridays. =) Thanks for the suggestion anyway. Thanks for the link too! =)
Zherwin- Pagudpud sounds like a good idea! Which resort do you suggest we stay?
Cheers and Thank you to both of you!