Sunday, February 17, 2008

Schnitzelbank, Heidelberg, Germany

This is probably my favorite restaurant in Germany. I first came to this restaurant 2 years ago when we were brought there by the organizers of the training course that I attended at the EMBL (European Molecular Biology Laboratory). At first I was not so enthusiastic since I was not the biggest fan of German food. Considering the name of the place, I thought we were going to eat Schnitzel (breaded pork chops). Surprise, surprise! No, they don't just serve schnitzel but also other wonderful traditional German food. The restaurant is called schnitzelbank because the place where the restaurant is located used to be an old schreinerei or a place for woodworks and schnitzel are the the small flakes of wood that you get when you make furniture. This is the restaurant that made me appreciate sauerkraut or fermented cabbage (and German food in general). I learned that sauerkrauts are not created equal. Prepared well, it can be so delicious! I am also not the world's biggest fan of potatoes but this place made me crave for it. Here, I usually order schweinshaxen mit sauerkraut (pork legs with sauerkraut). They also serve good beer and the region's wine. Don't miss this place if you are around Heidelberg.
Bauamtsgasse 7
69117 Heidelberg
Tel. nos:

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