Sunday, August 3, 2008

Puto Cheese Nga!

As I took out the puto wannabe from my oven, my heart skipped a beat because finally after trying probably 10,000 puto recipes (I'm exaggerating a little bit) it looks like I got it right this time. I rushed to take it out of the bano maria burning myself a little bit in the process. Hurriedly, again burning my mouth, I took a bite and rejoiced....Yes! Puto Nga!

You cannot imagine, how hard I experimented with puto. I think I did more puto optimization experiments than in the optimization of my microarray experiments. Molecular biology is easier, it is more defined and the protocols are published, with the added bonus that I get paid to know about it. With puto, I wondered for 5 long years how they make it so soft and delicate, and so ice creamy . Hands down the best puto cheeseI had ever tried was from our neighbor Mrs. Maturan from Los Banos, Laguna. I don't know if she is still selling them but I never forgot how wonderful they were.

Because I live in Switzerland, I really have to work my butt off just to eat the simplest Filipino food. To think that while in the Philippines I took the puto pao for granted to indulge in blackforest cakes and crema de frutas. Now, that I physically live so close to the actual "black forest" ("Schwarzwäld" in German, the origin of the cake with the same name), all I can think about is the simple puto.

With the success of my siopao just a few weeks ago (which I also worked hard for), I can't believe that now it is the turn of my puto cheese. I'm on a roll!

I cooked the recipe of the batter put asado in the middle and it became puto pao. Exchange the milk in the recipe for water if you prefer it to be less delicate. Mix it up like you want and create the puto of your dreams!

For this great puto recipe, please proceed to my food blog "Bubut's House" or click here.

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