Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Chicharon nga!

"Wow! Ang galing-galing!" I exclaimed while jumping up and down. My husband was looking on in amazement wondering probably if I had discovered the cure for cancer in my kitchen. "I made chicharon!" I shouted as the pork skin started to expand and pop in my frying pan.

I think I have reached a peak in my quest for Filipino cuisine culinary expertise. Not even in my wildest dreams have I thought I could make chicharon.

Shallow? There is a reason why chicharon is found in every street corner in the Philippines. Filipinos love chicharon. Some dishes are not complete if not laced with these cholesterol-filled wonder. La paz batchoy without chicharon? Incomplete. Palabok without chicharon? Definitely incomplete. Me eating chicharon? Happiness.

Please visit my food blog "Bubut's House" for the recipe and complete story.


Anonymous said...

wow. that chicharon looks good. :O come to think of it, i haven't had any in a while. maybe it's time to pick up a pack of porky's best. :) or swing by lapid's. :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! What a feat.

Although I've stopped eating pork due to health reasons. :)

Anonymous said...

It really looks yummy cath :)