Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Under Repair

I was playing with my HTML code today when I accidentally deleted some codes which messed up my blog really badly. Since I have no idea what I deleted, I have to download a new template. In short because I have an excessive compulsive personality--I can't stand that my blog's sidebars are not of equal width and the body is not in the middle--I have to redo my blog.

I hope to get it back in good form again in a few days.

Please bear with me....because "Ooops! I destroyed my blog"!!!!. hayyyy!!!! Now, I understand why blogger reminded me to save my template before editing!!! I lost a lot of code! =( Also my blog roll! Well, that's life! Now, at least, the body of my blog is in the middle....


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about this, Cathy. But it appears that 'destroying your blog' has been a fun ride (based on your photo). :-)

I used to blog on Blogspot, but I find WordPress easier to handle. Have you ever thought of moving your blog to WP?

Cathy said...

Hi Jayred!

I haven't thought of it. Blogger is not so hard really, I just really like to tinker.

Anyway, I also don't have the time or patience to learn wordpress. I shouldn't be so hard but I am lazy...=)

Thanks for the suggestion! =)


Joe said...

Argh! I got into the same trouble before and I had to revamp the blog from scratch! Haha... medyo OC din pero I thinkyou're worse...joke lang...hahaha

Cathy said...

Hi Jowell,

Yeah....I can get really obsessive about things. But hey! look my blog is back in form! =) and it's symmetrical!!!!! =) How's your German?


Anonymous said...

Actually, Blogspot is ok (but in 2005, the interface was not as user-friendly as it is now). My transfer to WP was actually an accident. :-) I still have a blog on Blogspot, though.

Anonymous said...

wow. i'm impressed. not just anyone can destroy a blog. :P

am also a bit on the lazy side, so well, am on blogger. :)

joma said...

hello there!