Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Filipino flavors finally understood

Finally! Someone understood Filipino cuisine! Wall Street Journal's life and style columnist Robyn Eckhardt wrote about her weekend of good Filipino food in Manila. She wrote "what the Philippines has is Southeast Asia's most misunderstood cuisine". Echoing what I had pointed out so many times, she realized that "the cuisine varies widely region to region, showing Chinese, Malay, Spanish and American influences. Over the centuries, Filipinos have combined flavors introduced by foreign traders, colonizers and occupiers with local ingredients and cooking techniques to create something unique and exciting."

On her trip, she discovered ensaymada, piaya, lechon, pancit luglog, and empanada among others. Hmmm, I am so jealous of her right now. Click here to read her full article.


Anonymous said...

ah. interesting to see how foreigners see philippine local culture and food. :)

hope you get well soon, by the way.

Joe said...

Winter na?!? Wow. I am yet to see real snow pero that's okay kasi pag nakakakita ako ng snowy landscapes sa pics parang ang lungkot. Is it just me?

Wow! Filipino cuisine as Asia's most misunderstood. Medyo naiiwan nga siya sa promotion unlike its Chinese, Japanese, Thai & Korean counterparts kasi yung apat na yun international na ang level.

A gem still waiting to be discovered ang Filipino cuisine. Grabe! It took a foreigner to notice our food, pero yung Chef na kinuwento mo parang binabalewala lang yung cuisine natin.

Still sick? get well soon...

Cathy said...

Hi Jowell,

Officially, fall but the temperatures are so low now that it's like winter. I am much much better! Back from the dead!

Hi Kouji!


Anonymous said...

truth of the matter is, masarap ang filipino cuisine. it's just that we're not as exotic as the thai's or the vietnamese's or the indian's. and we have a similar tasting with the chinese.

but once they sample our food, enjoy na enjoy naman sila. siguro right advertising lang...

arpee lazaro said...

i do look forward to meeting you when i travel to switzerland.

Anonymous said...

It's good she had the right contacts to lead her to the right food spots.

Have you been to the Golden Asian Store in Zurich? Heard they serve Pinoy dishes there. (Meanwhile, one of the Pinoy restos in Basel closed down years ago. The Swiss palates, it seems, are not accustomed to Pinoy food.)

Good to know you're feeling much better now. It's my turn to get sick. :-(

Joe said...

what's new?