Monday, November 24, 2008

Turin Italy

After 5 days and 5 kilos heavier, finally I am back from Italy. I love Italy! It has a certain "dilapidated" charm. Coming from Switzerland, the land of freshly renovated buildings, Italy seemed broken, disorganized and chaotic reflecting its citizens' passion and love for life.

I didn't expect Turin to be so huge! It is actually the 3rd largest city in Italy after Milan and Rome. As in all the cities of in Italy, its history dates back to Roman times. Since it was also the first capital of the first united Italian Kingdom (under Victor Emmanuel II), everywhere you turn, there is an important historic building or monument.
I didn't see much of Turin because I was busy attending a course. A bus would take us from the hotel in the morning and deliver us back in the evening. I didn't even have a chance to see the Museo Egizio which supposedly houses a very important Egyptian antiquities collection.
We stayed at the Art Olympic Hotel. It's a modern art themed hotel. For 85 euros a night including breakfast, it is quite a bargain. I like this hotel because it is very very clean! It is not in the city center but it is only a 10 euro taxi ride from Via Garibaldi.

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Unknown said...

Great place, Turin is.

Nice post.

Unknown said...

shit! i can't help but curse, excuse my badness.

italy is one of my cities to see before i die. torino should be included. from godfather to sophia loren to vatican to michelangelo to almost everything italian including my desire to see relatives there. fyi, my great grandparents (bless their souls) constantly reminded relatives and insisted that our roots came from italy. i wonder where are the italians genes amongst us.

good for you cath. you are there already.

Cathy said...

Hillblogger - Welcome back! You've been gone awhile! Yes, Turin is very nice.

Edik- If you dress smartly then your Italian genes are safe and sound!