Monday, December 8, 2008

Hayyyy! I'm so tired it hurts!

The past few weeks I have too much work. I arrive home at 8pm everyday. It's really crazy! Times like this it becomes really obvious what are the important things in life. At a birds eye view, it seems, that I have everything I want in life. The problem is getting what we want always have a downside. Now, I have a wonderful husband I don't see, great friends I can't meet, a 5-week holiday I don't use, a nice sofa I don't sit on, a big flat TV I don't watch on and books I have no time to read. I just have time of course for work, work, work and more work so that I can have all of the things that I have no time to enjoy.

Where is the balance?


Unknown said...

hahahaha i feel you.

sometimes we are so full of work we barely have time for ourselves.

i hope this is not an everyday matter or else you have a bleak future with your family and friends.

long holidays are coming...

Cathy said...

Hi Edik,

I know =( . I am working on it =).

Holidays!...yes, if I make it until then...

Thanks for the comment!


I love Bohol! My sister is going to Bohol for her honeymoon!