Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Edsa Spirit

I was only 10 years old when the EDSA revolution happened. I still remember how proud I was to be Filipino as I watched people topple Ferninand Marcos out of power. What made a big impression on me was that it was all very possible that it could have turned violent. Filipinos armed only with flowers trying to stop tanks. The tanks really did stop. It was beautiful. Somehow, after the Spanish and American colonial rule, Japanese invasion during World War II and the Marcos' Martial Law Regime, finally we were a master of our own destiny.

I saw Imelda on BBC
saying that the people did not find any skeletons in her closet but only beautiful shoes. I saw those shoes with my own eyes before they were taken out of public viewing. There was one big house full of them. Imagine, ONE BIG HOUSE of shoes. They were not from Marikina, only expensive Italian shoes for Imelda. I also saw a gold sink, ceilings full of wood carvings, perfume bottles as tall as me and other luxuries beyond the imagination of normal people. I was only 10 when I saw all of that and even then I knew that it was not right.

Unfortunately, no one expected that we have a penchant for self-destruction. Mixed that with national insecurity, crab mentality and disorganization, what will happen? So, sadly after 23 years, and another People Power Revolt nothing much have changed, if it did then it changed for the worst. Imelda still have her Picassos and Gaugains, our politicians are still corrupt and most Filipinos are still poor. We can only hope that maybe one day something will really change.

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