Wednesday, February 4, 2009

No beach

I was really looking forward to this:


Unfortunately, the Philippines is apparently experiencing climate change so this dream didn't turn into reality. It rained the whole two weeks we were there. Take note, it is dry season. Imagine, no sunshine for 2 and a half weeks. It was so cold. I was wearing a jacket the whole time. I only brought summer dresses because I thought I am going home to my tropical country. My ass froze (okay, not really but it was not comfortable). We had to cancel all our travel plans! I was so frustrated. Now, I have to wait another year to fulfill this dream!

Guys, we have to do something about climate change. When I was in the Philippines, I tried to talk about it a lot with everyone. All I got were blank faces. Didn't the Philippines get the memo that climate change is important? Anyone there aware of global warming? This is particularly important for us because our country is made up of islands. We can all sink.

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Unknown said...

the government actually has a commission looking on climate change. but believe me, i only saw it (the ad) on moviehouses. if there were programs or laws on climate change issues, those laws remained to be imposed. as expected from filipinos. forgive my frankness.

but this coming elections (next year) i am very sure so many ads will pollute the media regarding climate change.

i am pessimistic on this because i haven't seen concrete examples done by organizations, including NGOs. so many tree planting activities done since 1970s yet forest covers in the country are deteriorating.

don't let me start grumbling cathy hahahaha. basta i am doing my own way of lessening carbon imprints on the planet.