Wednesday, April 1, 2009

UPLB summa cum laude as a stripper?

I know that I am a bit late in reacting to this but I've been really really busy the past few weeks. Better late than never!

Is it possible for a UPLB summa cum laude to be jobless and to end up as a stripper? Of course, but it would need to be by choice.

A very good friend of mine graduated as a summa cum laude from UPLB, and a few months before graduating she already had plenty of job offers from a lot of big companies. Some offers were even not related to her course. Why? This is because to graduate as a summa cum laude from UPLB is a huge thing. Members of this exclusive club are made of something else. It is not enough to be intelligent, a lot of discipline is also necessary. Imagine, to be a "suma" you need to have a GPA of 1.0 to 1.25. A GPA of 1.25 means that you need to focus and excel for 4 whole years on everything! Mathematics, Philosophy, History, Communications, and even PE...If you are not from UP, you can't imagine how difficult it is to get an UNO! I was happy to get a TRES on most subjects.

I heard it said many times that there are 2 different kinds of UP students, 1) the ones who are truly intelligent and 2) the ones who have "diskarte". Being a summa cum laude (or even a "just" a laude like my sister) means that you have both in very high doses. These two qualities are not compatible with being content to strip.

UPLB Oblation
Photo from flickr

Matiwasay provided on
a list of UPLB’s summa cum laudes in all of its history: Note there is only 1 BS AgriBusiness from 2000, anyone know him/her?
1946 BS Agriculture - Obdulia Fronda
1947 BS Agriculture
1975 BS Agriculture - Cielito Habito
1976 BS Biology
1978 BS Applied Mathematics
1979 BS Biology
1982 BS Biology
1987 BS Biology
1987 BS Biology
1988 BS Applied Mathematics
1992 BS Biology
1992 BS Biology
1993 BS Applied Mathematics
1993 BS Biology
1995 BS Economics
1996 BS Biology
1996 BS Economics
1998 BS Economics
2000 BS Agribusiness Management
2002 BS Applied Mathematics
2004 BS Biology
2005 BS Chemistry
2005 BS Economics
2006 BS Chemistry
2006 BS Applied Physics
2007 BS Biology
2007 BS Economics

I am proud to say that I know 4 of the 27 UPLB summa cum laudes in history personally with 1 being a very very good friend. I hate it to see their achievement belittled for sensational programming.


Freight Forwarder said...
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joy said...

I was shocked when I heard about this (UPLB Summa Cum Laude and ended up a stripper)! You are right about "our friend" who was a summa and before she even graduated had a lot of offers. So, how come this thing happened to her? I mean for a simple UP graduate, there would be offers from some companies... just like what most of us have experienced.

I remember the movie, "Meet the Robinsons". Young Lewis told his roommate Goob,"You make decision for yourself and you shouldn't blame others. All you have to do is to let go of the past and keep moving forward." I wasn't able to watch that MMK episode. I just hope that whoever she is, she'll be able to shake off the dust of the past and move forward.

By the way, I like your blog! You're a great writer! Keep it up! God bless you.:-)

Anonymous said...

Has anyone from UP or any 'very concerned' UP alumnus actually tried to go to the mental hospital and see 'nemie' or her family? I believe the UP 'claim' is not far-fetched, maybe summa cum laude is a bit too whimsical, and a product of a writer's imagination to create a very dramatic story, but i wouldn't be surprised at all if she is in fact a UPLB grad with some sort of honors. sana someone actually went and see the family para kung sakali mang may touch ng katotohanan yung istorya may makapagbigay naman ng tulong, kesa pilit ninyong hinahanapan ng ebidensya para itatwa si nemie. paano kung totoong UPLB grad siya? di ba mabuti na rin na may maitulong man lang ang mga pinagmamalaki ninyong mga failure proof UP grads? at kahit na siguro tulong pinansiyal eh makapagbigay kayo.

Anonymous said...

sabi ng nanay ko, totoo daw siya, kapitbahay nila dati yung uplb grad, pero hindi daw summa... matataas ang grades pero hindi yata laude...

parang imposible nga mangyari sa kanyang wala siyang trabaho, ako nga sobrang average ko, may mga offers na rin sa akin bago man ako maka-graduate...