Thursday, May 28, 2009

Crazy Country

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Maybe I've lived too long in Switzerland because I just don't understand why a sex video between two consenting adults (even if they are under the influence of something...stupidity perhaps?) is a national issue. I don't understand why stupidities like that deserve a senate hearing. When Paris Hilton's sex video was leaked, the US government didn't deem it necessary to call a senate inquiry...Why is Hayden Kho and Kristina Halili so important that we need to waste tax money to know who leaked the video? There are other issues which are highly important that requires really fast action from our respectable lawmakers. Issues like the Reproductive Health Bill, education, poverty...

Times like this, it becomes obvious that we need to do something about our level of education....

Come on people...please naman...anoh bah...tama na...wake up na!