Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I LIKE: Good News Pilipinas

On second thought, I am not so sure if I really like it. Don't you think it is so pathetic that we actually need a website that only gives us good news to make us feel good as Filipinos ?

Good News Pilipinas is a website that "highlights the good in the Filipino and the Philippines." It "wants to make every Filipino feel proud and smile, that yes indeed we have achieved a lot as a people, and continue to be successful in various sectors in our very own country and overseas" . This is of course very much in contrary to what you read and see in mainstream media like the Inquirer and Abs-cbn about the Philippines.

In every country there are good and bad things. Every culture has its good and bad points. The biggest problem of Filipinos is that we are so stupidly insecure! Our food is good but we are too ashamed of it. Our country is beautiful but we just couldn't see it. Our history and traditions are rich but we minimize it. We then wonder why we don't get respect internationally when we are the first ones to put ourselves down.

National pride should be instilled on every one of us at birth. Unfortunately, it is national insecurity that solidifies in our brains.

Okay, I like Good News Pilipinas but it is really a shame that we need it.

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