Monday, June 22, 2009

I LIKE: Nomad4ever

I've been following the travel adventures of Chris through his blog Nomad4ever for a few years now. I am really excited that he is now in the Philippines and he is exploring it in style!
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Using a second hand tricycle that he bought for 30,000 php and the RO-RO, he is exploring our islands one small town at a time.
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Read more about his Philippine adventure at

Honestly, I feel so pathetic blogging about Venice when my heart only wants to explore the Philippines in a tricycle using the RO-RO...sorry for me because I won't go home to the Philippines until March 2010.


nomad4ever said...

Wow Cathy, thanks for featuring me here on your site!

Yep, I must admit, when you come to the Philippines with 2 persons and plenty of (read: all our) luggage, it's hard to imagine a different way of traveling and exploring this wonderful and beautiful island nation.

Maybe with a Jeepney, but then you are not so independent and flexible in your trip planning.

Hey, let us know, when you will be visiting your home country and maybe we can all catch up some day some place? ;-)


Cathy said...

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the comment! I see that the internet connection in my country is not so bad!

I am really jealous of you traveling my country like that...I want to do the same. Now, unfortunately, I have to work, work and work...

We are not going home until March 2010. I hope you are still in the PI at that time. If you are, for sure we have to catch up!


nomad4ever said...

No, the internet connection here is really good! I love SmartBro 3G, so far it was available everywhere I went with decent speeds.

Can't compared that to medieval India.

March 2010? Hmmmm....maybe, maybe not. Can't promise anything yet, but if we are still here, we will definitely catch up! All the best!