Friday, July 10, 2009

Furnishing the dream apartment

One of the reasons why I was absent from blogging the past few months is because we moved apartments. It is a dream come true. I proceeded ambitiously to furnish our new flat, inspired by these two books:

It proved to be quite an impossible task because I was not prepared to spend a fortune on furniture. With a lot of money, nothing is impossible. Unfortunately for me, I don't have plenty so I had to make do with what I find. Of course, I would love to have a piece or two from Kenneth Cobonpue but after only a few clicks on the internet I realized that his furniture are out of my league.

Still, I was determined to furnish our new apartment in a very contemporary Filipino/Asian style. Did I succeed? Well, wait for the next post...


Unknown said...

sosyal ka Cathy kung may cobonpue ka!

Cathy said...

sosyal talaga ako even if wala akong cobonpue...too expensive! saka it's not possible to find in switzerland...=(