Friday, August 28, 2009

50 things to do before I die

I have been in some kind of mid-life crisis for a few weeks now. Unlike most people I know who are in crisis because they still have to find themselves at 30, I was in crisis more because I know who I am, and exactly what I will be, in probably the next 20 years. In a way, it's good because there is very little uncertainty in my life but in a lot of ways it's very scary to think that for the next 20 years I will still be what I am now (if I don't fuck anything up). Am I really content with my life?

Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining about my life. My life is good. I guess stability just doesn't go well with my character. I am a passionate, obsessive woman who gets bored faster than you can say "bored". I have a need to win and to conquer, to explore new possibilities and to bravely go where no one has gone before. Stability is so boring.

As therapy, I have decided to list 50 things that I want to do before I die (originally, I wanted 100 but I can't think enough things). I also listed stuff which I have already done to be fair to myself (well, I have been trying to make my dreams come true the past 30 years). So here it goes:

1. Go to Egypt and see the pyramids;
2. Go to Paris;
3. Write a bestselling novel;
4. Own my dream house;
5. Tour the Philippines;
6. Go to California;
7. Go to New York;
8. Learn German;
9. Learn French;
10. Learn to drive;
11. Be 42.0 kilos;
12. Get a Master's degree;
13. Learn to dive;
14. Dye my hair blond;
15. Run a marathon;
16. Get toned abs;
17. Dine in a really expensive restaurant;
18. Stay in a really expensive hotel for a weekend;
19. Go around the world for a year;
20. Make peace with an ex
21. Own a dog;
22. Adopt a homeless child;
23. Offer a college scholarship grant;
24. Ride a camel ;
25. Have a nude artistic photograph of myself;
26. Fall in love;
27. Give a speech in public;
28. Have a blog/website;
29. Go to Rome;
30. Own a house on the beach;
31. Get married;
32. Have a child;
33. Go to Thailand;
34. Go to London;
35. See the Grand Canyon;
36. Live in my dream house;
37. Climb a mountain;
38. Learn to ski;
39. Learn to swim;
40. Have sex on the beach;
41. Plant a tree;
42. Contribute to charity;
43. Own a Mercedes Benz;
44. Be a millionaire;
45. Have a home with a library;
46. Get an MBA;
47. Cut my hair really short;
48. Have a published scientific paper;
49. Publish a book or a book chapter;
50. Travel around Europe in a mobile home.

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