Friday, September 25, 2009

Route des Grands Crus

The route des grands crus or the road of the great wines roughly starts just below Dijon until Santenay. It passes through many great appellations of the region hence the name.

From what I understand, this region produce the best wines because of it's unique micro-climate and soil composition. That is why Burgundy wines are classified based on geography (village and elavation, etc..) regardless of producer. Imagine, most of the red wines are made only of pinot noir grapes but if you will go through a wine tasting of different wines from different villages it is very impressive how each one will vary in taste and texture. You can read more about this in wine-centered websites because I am not a wine expert.
Personally, I love Burgundy wines. Although I will never buy any grands crus bottle, even the regional appellations are better than most.

Google map location of this trip:

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