Sunday, November 15, 2009

Amazon Kindle

I was a good girl today. I woke up early, cleaned the house, jogged, and then phoned home (ET, phone home...) . What I find very depressing, living in Z├╝rich, is that all the shops are closed on Sundays. The only thing to do is to watch TV or to read a book. The problem is that I already wiped out all the books I bought recently, and there is nothing really interesting on TV. I am stuck. Hopefully, I recently discovered Amazon's Kindle. It's really cool. You can buy a book in digital format and you can get it in 30 seconds! No shipping costs! The only downside is that since I have no Kindle reader, I have to read the book from my computer (now, they have Kindle for PC). Well, anyway, I have a very close relationship with my computer so I guess we can get even closer. Me and my computer, we are together a lot. Thinking about it, it's funny that I think of my computer as a "he". I should try to name him. Enough blabbing. Anyway, so I am in a mood for a romantic kind of book and since I am still dreaming of a certain viking vampire (see previous post), I decided to search for "viking romance" in Amazon. I found one that I fancied. I see now, after internalizing the very cheesy cover of the book I just bought, another advantage of Kindle is that I can hide this book in my computer. No one will know that I bought this book because I don't have to keep it in the bookshelves in the study. Of course, I consider the contents of my library a reflection of my intellect. Owning a book with a really hot viking on the cover is a very big giveaway.

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