Friday, November 27, 2009

Maguindanao Massacre

Okay, that shocked me. I thought that nothing about the Philippines can shock me anymore but that's too much. It's quite monstrous. Who does that? It's just beyond gruesome.

The death toll has reached 57.

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Maguindanao is a remote (and probably forgotten) province south of the Philippines. Its remoteness may have a hand in making politicians in this province think that they are the law. I can't truthfully say that I know how life is like in Maguindanao because I've always lived near Manila but what happened on Nov. 23 can't be normal for anyone living in any part of the world.

You know what else is shocking about this story? It is crazy that somehow they expected something like this to happen. That is the reason why Esmael Mangudadatu sent the women in his family together with journalists to file his certificate of candidacy. Women and non-family members are exempt from violence in the unofficial rules of rido (clan wars common in Muslim Mindanao). Obviously they overestimated the value that their enemy gives to honor. It's so barbaric the concept of rido. It's so middle-age. True, I have heard people in Luzon threathening their enemies to "ubusan ng lahi" (loosely translated to killing off the genes) but I have never heard about anyone making good on these threats.

I can't get my head around how people can participate in killing 57 people coldblood.

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Unknown said...

i am angry myself at this atrocity. grabe!