Friday, January 22, 2010

Anita Blake

I started the Anita Blake series because it was always coming up in my recommendations in Amazon. Their software thought that since I have read and liked Twilight and the Sookie Stackhouse novels, I would also like Anita Blake. So, did I like it? Yes, I liked it but it didn't release inside myself the same amount of passion the Sookie Stackhouse series did. I don't dream about it at night. I don't think about it all day. I prefer Eric to Jean-Claude. Jean Claude's ass always needs to be saved by Anita (Eric's ass is another story...hmmm). He is supposedly a strong and powerful vampire but he just sits and waits for Anita to save him. At least Sookie and Eric save each other alternately. Anita has a very strong character which is almost irritating. She just needs to be right all the time (she reminds me of myself =)). I find a lot of characters irritating. Richard, ex fiance of Anita, whines too much for me. He is too conflicted. It drags on and on and on. There are times when I am tempted put the book down because he irritated me too much. I hate whiners both in books and in real life.

Will I continue reading the Anita Blake series? Maybe. Let's see. The last books got a little bit too weird for my tastes. I like the first 7 books then it went downhill from there.

All in all, I think Anita Blake is an okay series to read to pass the time in between the Sookie Stackhouse novels.

Update- January 26, 2009

I can't continue reading this series. I am irritated with it. The last book I read was Book 7: Burnt Offerings and I can't continue reading Blue Moon. I can't stand Anita and Richard. I want to throw the book out. I have the rest of the books (I bought it in advance) but I can't continue. I read the synopsis for the rest of the books in wikipedia and I don't think I can go on reading. I don't like the way the story developed. Oh! why did Laurell Hamilton destroy the story of such a promising series?

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