Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wirtschaft zum Wiesengrund

I did not think I will dine at  "Wirtschaft zum Wiesengrund" Saturday night because we had reservations for Petermann's Kunstuben.  I had been at Petermann's once previously and enjoyed it tremendously so we were happy return to celebrate  the addition of "Dr." to my husband's name.  Unfortunately, upon arrival at the restaurant, we were told that our table was given to other people.  I was really disappointed.  Somehow it is not acceptable that a place with 2 Michelin Stars and 19 Gault Millau points would mess up a reservation.  Anyway, Frau Petermann nicely offered us free champagne for the big oversight  and to book us that evening at Wirtschaft zum Wiesengrund.  Not wanting to destroy our evening we accepted and off we went to Uetikon.

We dine at Michelin starred places 4 times a year maximum.  For me, it is an anticipated event.  We like to keep special places for special occasions otherwise it won't be special anymore.Well, ahem, it is also a little bit expensive to do frequently (maybe if I win the lotto). At this point, because of the reservation mix-up, my mood has turned for the worse.  Anyway, I was telling myself, Wirtschaft zum Wiesengrund have 2 Michelin Stars and 18 Gault Millau so it should not be so bad.   I did not wear a little black dress and super high heels to eat at Burger King.

The great service at Wiesengrund managed to uplift my mood.  I was positively impressed by the hostess and her team who catered to our every need.  The food was great too.  The combination of flavors that the chef created were subtle but it didn't fail in teasing the taste buds.  Each plate has a theme so one can explore the different possibilities a certain ingredient can be molded into.  At the end, I have to admit, what captured my heart was the crispy pork skin of the main course. Again, this is a testament to the great service team.  At the beginning of the service I mentioned in passing to the hostess that I like my crispy pork skin and then tahdah that was exactly what I got (the chef mentioned at the end of the service that he did that specially because I said I like it).

I am happy to have found (unexpectedly) a great dining address in Zurich.

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