Thursday, May 27, 2010

I like: Logitech Squeezebox

If you also have all your music in your computer and you want to listen to it in another part of your house without turning the volume so loud that your neighbors would start to complain then like me you need a Squeezebox.  This device is so cool because it allows you to listen to your music away from your computer wireless.  I hate wires!  This is the perfect solution for me. I am actually thinking of buying 3--one for the bathroom, living room and the bedroom.  If you have high performance speakers already, there is also a model that you can just hook up to it.  Funny, I did not even know Squeezebox existed until recently only to find out that 70% of people I know have it!  Better late than never!


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Iphone blogging

Just trying to attach a photo....

Iphone blogging

Just trying out blogging using my iphone. Seems to work. Hmmm, the possibilities! I hate the keyboard though. It's taking me forever to write a paragraph. Attaching photos does not seem to work. Not cool! Another annoying thing about BlogWriter app is I had to choose only 1 blog. I still did not figure out how to update another blog using the same app.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Picture tour of Genoa

Genoa is a very important city port in Northern Italy in the region of Liguria.  If you have never heard about it before then maybe you will be more familiar with Pesto Genovese. It is here where this style of making pesto originated.  Aside from it's popular cuisine, we wanted to visit Genoa for its history.  In the middle-ages and renaissance it was a main rival of the maritime kingdom of Venice.  Any rival of Venice is worth at least a weekend in my travel agenda.  Christopher Colombus (you know that guy who sailed to India but arrived in the Americas) is also a native of Genoa.

One weekend in Genoa is of course too short to internalize the city so I prefer to show you my not so deep impressions of Genoa through pictures:

Genoa felt more like a little Napoli than a rival of Venice.  It's "carugio"  really reminded me of Napoli.  In the picture above, I really did not understand why they would construct an overpass between the old city and the sea, blocking the view.
It is very charming. There is one street just full of abandoned broken-down palaces. (below). It is really not so difficult to imagine how beautiful they used to be.

 Of course, ensuring my return to this region is the cuisine.  The picture below is a pasta dish with walnut sauce which is one of the dishes we tried at Restaurant Da Gaia (Vico dell'Argento,Genoa).I highly recommend this restaurant if you want to sample typical Ligurian cuisine.Yummy!

Friday, May 14, 2010

How could you?

 Photo from

At least 9,000,000 Filipinos voted for Joseph Estrada again....If one is capable of thought, one couldn't, wouldn't vote for Erap, di ba? Don't you think one should pass an IQ test first before one is allowed to vote? 
Tanong lang po.

Cat Walks Fantasia

Given my fascination with the urban fantasy genre, I decided to write a dedicated Urban Fantasy blog reviewing (mostly) urban fantasy books.  I do not want to pollute Cat's Walks with vampire and werewolf books.  Anyway, please visit  Cat walks fantasia if you are also a fan of the urban fantasy genre.

I have always enjoyed urban fantasy.  I enjoy reading about make believe monsters.  Funny that I find make believe monsters more interesting than the real monsters amongst us pretending to be human.  Make believe monsters are deeper and more 3 dimensional.  Bad people, whether real or fictional, are sometimes just simply, plainly, predictably and 1 dimensionally "bad".