Thursday, March 31, 2011


During lunch with my colleagues we talk about a lot of different topics. A few weeks ago, I told them about my misconceptions about contraception when I was a teenager and this shocked them a lot. Filipino teenagers get their information about sex solely from their friends. Most of the time the information is total crap. Maybe 1 or 2 of my highs school classmates got pregnant in the first year of university and each year a few more succumbed.  By the time we finished university, about 50% of my high school classmates had a child or got someone pregnant.  Some were forced to marry early and some even stopped studying. Not surprisingly, most of these marriages did not work and ended up in separation.  Since we don't have divorce in the Philippines, it was very difficult to correct this mistake.  It was such a pity because we were supposed to have good futures as we were supposed to be the "scholar ng bayan"! No matter how intelligent we were supposed to be, we were ignorant about sex because we didn't have any kind of proper sexual education.  This ignorance really messed up a lot of our lives.  The problem was, since we were not supposed to be having sex, adults did not think it was necessary to inform us about it.  Going to the gynecologist for a pill prescription was out of the question as the doctor would probably call our parents. The only option to get information was to listen to other  ignorant teenagers about contraception.

Imagine that it was a common belief in my time that if you drink aspirin (some other variation of this legend says you should drink coke with it) after sex, you won't get pregnant.  It was said that it is better of course if you drink a lot of aspirin.  If you bleed then there would be no baby.  Gosh! Aspirin is a blood thinner.  It's crazy to overdose on it for contraception purposes. Even if I didn't try the aspirin method myself, I know for a fact that drinking aspirin won't prevent pregnancy.  Maybe, it can kill you but it is not a form of contraception.

Since politicians and the church are still arguing about the RH bill, I thought it is a good idea to post some pointers about safe sex and contraception here. So when Betty Coon asked me if she can guest blog about contraception, I said yes immediately.

Here in Switzerland, parents give their teenage children condoms themselves.  This is not to encourage them to have sex but to prevent them from contracting AIDS or getting pregnant.  The fact is, young people do it anyway whether we can admit it to ourselves or not.  What we should do is educate our children about it.  Actually, in doing that,we demystify sex and maybe even achieve to teach them abstinence.  Why is it so bad to teach teenagers about sex?  Gosh, I am not asking for a practical demonstration of the Kama Sutra but only lessons about how to protect themselves against STDs and unwanted pregnancy.  Will that really be so titillating?

I hope bloggers who support the RH bill will post more materials about sex education.

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