Friday, March 25, 2011

Kenya Adventure: Diani Beach

Diani Beach, Kenya

Diani beach is 25 km of beautiful powdery white sand.  It was quite gorgeous. The sand in Diani, in my opinion, is finer and whiter than Boracay, Philippines (my point of comparison when it came to sand) and there is 25 km of it!

Pool at Diani Sea Resort

We stayed at the Diani Sea Resort.  It's a big, German-owned complex catering mostly to package tourists.  Nothing luxurious here even if it cost a fortune to stay there. It was actually  pretty basic and the food standard.  It didn't make me go "wow" but it was what you can expect of a 3 star hotel in Kenya. The best thing about Diani Sea Resort was the pool.  A lot of guest preferred to swim in the pool instead of the beach.  We took an all inclusive package which meant we can eat what we want and drink what we want including local cocktails all day long. Going all inclusive was a good decision as there were not so many places to eat.  Lunch and dinner were served buffet style so there was always something for everyone.  Unfortunately, it can get repetitive specially after a few days.  I liked it when they did an African buffet.  At least then I felt like I am really in Africa and not in Germany.  In my opinion, they didn't do the African buffet often enough.  The hotel instead preferred to serve soggy pasta and other European dishes. What impressed me the most about the Diani Sea Resort was the staff.  Everyone was really super friendly and spoke German, Italian and French!

Diani Beach, Kenya

Diani beach is probably one of the most beautiful beaches I've ever seen.  The beach is very wide and very white. Just the way I like it.  What I didn't like about it was there were a lot of beach boys trying to sell us everything.  They can get pretty aggressive.  The moment a tourist stepped out of the hotel property onto the communal beach, there were beach boys after them.  It was pretty irritating because they just refused to leave.  I also found it sad that it was not advisable  to walk along the beach at night. Imagine if  we wanted to go to a nearby bar on the beach maybe only 200 meters from our hotel,  we couldn't just walk there.  We had to call a taxi.  I missed Boracay where we can walk along the beach anytime and be safe.  Anyway, in Diani beach there was not really a lot of places to go on the beach, so most of the time we just stayed in the hotel. After 2 days of reading on the beach, I was so bored, I wanted to go back to work. =)
Unfortunately there were too many hustlers in paradise.  Diani Beach, Kenya

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