Monday, September 3, 2012

DLNA is cool

l just found out how to connect my Samsung Galaxy Note to my PC! It is so cool! Now, I can access media in my PC with my phone and vice versa. I guess you could always have done that with an i phone but since I am not an apple person, I am not motivated to learn what one can do with a mac.

Anyway, if you want to connect your Galaxy Note to your PC, here is a simple tutorial:

1. Make sure your phone and PC is connected to the same internet network. I have a wifi router where all my devices are connected.
2. Open Windows Media Player in your PC and turn on home sharing under "streaming".
3. On your phone, open the app "Allshare". ln Allshare, under "remote devices", you should be able to see your PC.
4. After step 3, you should now see your phone in the Windows Media Player.
5. I have my PC connected to a TV so now I can watch at my phone photos and videos on my TV.

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