Monday, July 22, 2013

Guest Post: Famous and Historical Casinos in Australia

Thanks to the overwhelming popularity of online casinos, even more people today are participating in casino gaming than ever. In fact, online casino gaming is the only form of the activity that they know having never step foot in a land based casino. Therefore when planning on a holiday, these players often seek out travel destinations that will afford them the opportunity to enjoy gambling in a land based casino. Given this, many people select Australia as their tourist destination. Here, there are many famous casinos which can make anyone’s trip enjoyable.

Many travelers to the Land Down Under will want to visit the city of Sydney. Home the famous Sydney Opera House, the city is also well known for its Star City Casino. Formerly known as the Sydney Harbour Casino, the casino is situated with a breathtaking view of Darling Harbour. Currently, the Star City Casino is the second largest casino found in the country. Other amenities include eight bars, seven restaurants as well as a hotel.

Within the casino, players can find a total of two betting floors. On the first floor is the main casino and the third floor is known as the Sovereign Room. This offers exclusive gambling for high rolling customers. The main gaming floor is split into three sections: table games, poker and electronic gaming. Over the years, the number of poker tables present has been augmented to today’s number of 30. Updates have also been made to the Sovereign Room where four more private gaming rooms have been built. Another area known as the Vermillion Room was also add which is even more exclusive for the top gamblers through invitation only. Traditional casino table games, which you will have seen if you play at online casinos like Jackpot City are offered at Star City including blackjack, craps, Pai Gow, pontoon, roulette, sic bo, three card poker, four card poker, Caribbean poker and mini baccarat.


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