Sunday, August 25, 2013

Magic Videos with Magisto

I like to take videos using my phone or pad. The problem is, I never watch them again after taking them. Yeah, I always tell myself that I will make a movie when I have time. I never ever found any time. Today, I found an app called Magisto and it's magic!  All I had to do was choose videos and photos from my gallery,  some music and then click "make a movie" and then I have an edited movie! It's absolutely fantastic. If you want to download the movie, you have to pay 1 usd or get a monthly or yearly subscription. Uploading to You tube or Facebook is free. I'm seriously thinking of getting a subscription so that I can use more than 5 files to make a movie.  The video below was made using the free version.  It's so good. Respect.  Video quality is not great because I did not use the high quality setting (because I did not see the options.)

The movie below is from videos and photos from our Bohol trip last 2011. 
To read more about our trip to Bohol Beach Club please click here.

I was not paid to review this app.  This is coming from the bottom of my lazy heart.

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