Sunday, August 18, 2013

Memory Lane: Takatuka Lodge, Sipalay

We stayed in Takatuka Lodge in 2010. I didn't blog about it then because I was not able to take so many photos as there was a typhoon passing during our stay. Unfortunately, we were not able to experience Sipalay in all it's glory.  Thank goodness that the rooms were "quirky" enough and Cathy's food and cocktails were good enough to keep us entertained for 5 days while waiting for the typhoon to pass.  To see what I mean, please visit their website and look at the rooms. We stayed at "The Cave" room.  I really liked it.  Our first room was the "Rockadelic" and I really hated it, look at the pictures, you will see what I mean. In Takatuka, their rooms are destinations unto themselves. The creativity that the owners put in building the resort is astaunting.

I have good memories of Sipalay, typhoon and all, because this was where we decided to start scuba diving.  Mark, the dive instructor, was so unconvinced of my swimming abilities that I think at the end he was thankful that the typhoon came to stop us from our folly.  He made me swim 500 meters parallel to the beach and I remember all the guest were cheering me on.  I barely made it.  Since then, I have taken swimming lessons (I maintain that I knew how to swim before but I had no confidence in myself) and now I could easily do the 500 meters, no sweat.

I would like to go back to Tatatuka and see the place again minus the bad weather.  It was nice during a typhoon.  I bet it's nicer with the sun shining bright.
Fishermen at Sugar Beach, Sipalay, Negros Island. I think they were trying to
catch squids. I still have a stain on my shirt from that day.

Sugar Beach, Negros Island

Sugar Beach, Negros Island

Quirky shower, Takatuka Lodge, Sugar Beach

Takatuka Lodge

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