Thursday, August 8, 2013

Remembering Dahab

If you live and work in Switzerland like I do, we have around 4 weeks vacation every year.  It is something we need to take ( such a pain, right?). Some companies even require their employees to take off for not less than 2 weeks. The idea is that one can't really rest ones mind, body and spirit if you don't disconnect from reality for at least 2 weeks. My problem this year is,  I  can't find a place to go that is as perfect as last year.  Last year, we went to Dahab, Egypt and we had a really great time.
The husband and I like to dive. The hubby also likes windsurfing.  In Dahab, we could do both with excellent quality.  Dahab is a famous diving place because of the Blue Hole  and the Canyons. It is also an excellent windsurfing place. We were all set to go back to Egypt this year, this time in Safaga, but then all hell broke loose in Egypt.  Now, we have to find another place that will offer us excellent windsurfing and diving. You would think that is easy to find, right? Not if you are not willing to go to Bonaire or Isla Margarita for a ten-day holiday.

I am really sad that it is not advisable for us to go to Egypt this year.  I had big plans this year! So, I will use this post to remember what great fun we had last year ( I was too busy to blog about it last year). 

Last year, we went to Iberotel Dahabeya, an all inclusive hotel.  This means that you can drink and eat whatever you want during your stay.  Meals were served buffet style.  We like to go to all inclusive hotels sometimes because I don't have to get stressed about the bill at the end of the holiday.  Once a year, I want a relaxing stress free holiday where I can just lie down, read a book, drink a lot of cocktails and play dumb and dead.  Before going to Dahab, I was a bit apprehensive about the sand quality of the beach.  Being Filipina, I like my beach white with fine sand.  In Dahab, the beach was gold so I fretted about it a bit.  Even if my standards were high, I have to admit that the golden sand beach in Dahab was beautiful. The view of the desert meeting the sea was just spectacular.
Beachfront, Iberotel Dahabeya

Beachfront, Iberotel Dahabeya
Their dive center, Sub Aqua was very good and professional. Hassan and co are the best dive masters I ever had the pleasure of diving with.  I really felt safe and secure considering this was our first time to dive outside of the Philippines.  We went to the Blue Hole amongst other places. If you want to dive the Blue Hole and want to scare yourself silly, take a look at this you tube video.
Sub Aqua Dive Center at the Iberotel Dahabeya
 In front of the hotel, there was Harry Nass, a good windsurfing center. I learned how to windsurf and now I am addicted. For my lessons, I had to go to the lagoon at the other end of the beach.  I guess there it is safer and I there is less chance for me to get blown out to Saudi Arabia.  Seriously speaking now, I have to tell you that windsurfing is hard.  I started the course with 6 people.  Only 2 of us finished the course.  I couldn't even stand on the board the first day.  The second day, I had to skip that course because I couldn't walk.  Anyway, I managed to windsurf the second time I did the course and from then on I was hooked.
Windsurfing, Harry Nass, Dahab
Trying to carry the windsurf into the lagoon, Dahab, Egypt
 So you see, I had such a great time last year.  How can I possibly match that this year?

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