Sunday, August 18, 2013

Rocking pictures from Arizona

 I am starting a series of posts about Arizona, USA from today. They will chronicle our two-week road trip visiting Phoenix, Tucson,Sedona, Flagstaff, Monument Valley, Antelope Canyon and Canyon de Chelley. We travelled from Arizona's cactus-filled deserts, its old western towns, Indian reservations to its pine-covered mountains. The theme for this trip was rocks. I think most of our pictures were of rocks--caves, mountains, canyons--all made of reddish rock. From the moment we started the trip, my eyes were wide in wonder and my mouth was open in amazement. My mind was desperately trying to remember the courses I've taken in geology and natural science so I can explain what I am seeing. Arizona's landscapes make one feel very insignificant. All that majesty created first by the earth's fiery origins and then by millions and millions of years of erosion and uplift. Arizona is definitely one of the most fascinating places we've ever visited.
Antelope Canyon

Tombstone.  Are you a fan of westerns?

Bell Rock, Sedona

All alone

Monument Valley, Utah

Trying to get to the top of the Bell Rock.  Sedona, Arizona

Ruins at Canyon de Chelley

Chiricahua National Monument, Arizona.

The View Hotel. Monument Valley, Utah/Arizona. Oh, what a great view it really was!  I liked this hotel a lot.  It blends with the landscape perfectly.

Monument Valley, Utah/Arizona

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